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Should you pursue engineering as a career in Singapore

Should you pursue engineering as a career in Singapore ? The answer can be Yes or No and very subjective base on the different personal experience and  individual encounter. In an Asian oriented  Culture , any jobs which involved labor work regardless of physical or mental , hands on job, dirty work are view as a lower graded  job.Thus if you compared the top 4 Career ( doctor , Lawyer , Accountant, Engineer) which the Chinese Parents wanted their children to become . Engineering always  lack its luster.

In this article i will share my personal view as an Engineer. I have been an Engineer for more than 10 years and have travel working around the world more than 30 over countries. I would not say that i am the most successful one, cause i am not, but i can say   that i am above average  , and this is just my own personal view about the career as an Engineer, you can beg to differ or disagree.

Question you  will always encounter if you are an Engineer  ( Ask by Relative , Friends, or even your girl Friend or Spouse parents etc)?

They will tell you, that based on their  ( subjective) life experience , they seen a lot of drop out Engineer  who got retrench in their 40s and failed to find a job in their later , in the end become a Taxi Driver.

Well  are they Correct , the answer could be Yes or No.

The Kind of Engineers who drop out  in their early 40s and unable to find a job can be divided  into few Category.

  1. They have been working in a Factory  whole life, which doing the same old process throughout the Career life. For Instant the Factory they are working with produce Chip Set . They only know a single part of the Chip set Process . Thus when there is a Retrenchment , they will have difficulty to find another Job related to their Field cause their Specialty skill of work is too narrow.
  2. The Complacent engineer . This kind of Engineer are so complacent with their Status Quo, and they have never improve or acquired any new skills along their Career. And they are so complacent with their company pay they not even sent a resume to survey their true value in the Job Market.
  3. The Lazy Engineering Manager. They used to be an Engineer , and very technically well verse . But after a period of time as a Manager directing work to other, their technical skill become rusty . Unless they possesses great people skill to get the Engineer below them to get the work done, or else  they will have a headache controlling the Engineer below them.
  4. The Politician Engineer .This kind of engineer does not  have any actual Technical Skill , they have been working too long with one company . They are still there because they are very well verse on playing politics.
  5. The Microsoft word ,Excel Sheet and Power point Engineer. all their career path is they just deal with Microsoft Software.

Engineering Field that you should Avoid

  1. Repetitive Factory Processing Job scope. There are no values in this kind of work, and it does not provide any  growth value and help your Career in future.
  2. Electronic or mass production Industry. Due to low cost , all will be moved to lower cost country like Vietnam , China , India or even Cambodia.
  3. Very Specialized Engineering .  There are not much opportunities to branch out if you lost your Job.

Engineering Field that you should Get into

All the Field Listed below , are the most promising engineering field in Singapore, and there are a lot of opening in the Job Market. A lot of people shy away from all the field below due to tough work and long working hours.

  1. Machine and Automation .
  2. Embedded Design.
  3. Patent Engineering
  4. Oil and Gas ( the world still need oil at least for this century )
  5. Software and Programming

Should you stay in a Company for too Long

The answer is No. 

There are few reason that might affect your moral if you stay in the same old company for too long.

  1. First , you become complacent,and comfortable , and you don’t acquired new skill set, so when there happens to be a retrenchment, it swap your feet out of your balance.
  2. Your Boss will take you for granted, your job work load and responsibility will become more, but your pay rise become very pathetic and there are no career advancement what so ever
  3.  Once you become comfortable , you will never grow.

Grab and acquire the skills and then move on . Company and your Boss will always take care for them self  and the company , their priority is to make profit , they don’t care about your future.

Is the Pay so bad for an Engineer in Singapore

Honestly Speaking , an engineer Pay is not that great , but is above average compare to a lot of Job.

  1. Junior Level you can Command a Salary between 2.5K to 3.5K
  2. Senior Level you can Command a Salary between of 3.5K to 4.5K
  3. Principal Engineer you can Command salary between 5K to 8K
  4. Engineering Manager you can Command salary between 5 k  to 10K

Career Advancement in Engineering

Honestly speaking , Career advancement in Engineering is very hard to come by . And an Engineering Back ground personnel are not considered as a key person candidate such as CEO in an Organisation

  1. You can Progress from Junior to Senior  and then to Principal then  to consultant
  2. Or you can progress your way to become an Engineering Manager

If you are a very good Skill Engineer, your job is very secure , but your Boss will always tried to fixed you at that position , some one needs   to do the dirty job.


Characteristic that you should have to become an Engineer

You need to have certain character embedded in you to become an engineer, or else you wont last long

  1. You don’t aim for the Money , you will be disappointed a lot!
  2. You Like your  Work and love to Solved people problems
  3. You are patient and do not easily give up
  4. You are able to work long Hour
  5. The Most important you always love to learn new Stuff, and you are a very curious person


Fellow Engineer you need to be Vigilant

  1. Always kept learning.
  2. Learn something out of your work , to equipped your self with an alternative Skill Set
  3. Polish your Soft skill and people skill ,as,Engineer tends to be introvert.
  4. If you really into your work and interest, shut off all opinion voices form irrelevant people who try to influence you with their own personal subjective experience .
  5. Move quick , don not be complacent and always look around for opportunities or even start your own Start Up. A lot of great company are start by engineer.

Final Word

Should you consider Engineering as a Career

Should you pursue engineering as a career in Singapore ?

The Answer is Yes and No.

Yes, If you like what you do , and you must be very good at your field so it get you employed throughout your life time

No, If you don’t like your status quo, you want more Money, Learn your way out . Go a head and Start the next great start Up.

No , again quickly quit engineering while you are still young , go and find your passion!

If you are complacent , just satisfied counting rejected parts at production line, your future are at risk, good luck!.



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