Chances Of Finding Love In Singapore Calculator for Ladies

Chances Of Finding Love In Singapore Calculator for Ladies

Chances Of Finding Love In Singapore Calculator.I have created this calculator base on the information i gather at Singastat

I created this Calculator for Ladies, by using the Calculator you will get an idea of how many guys out there could be your potential candidate,

Check out here for the Guys version Calculator.

By using  Calculator below you agree that will not be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss arising  from using of the below application.Please also take note that the numbers are simply mathematics and statistic . There are no discrimination and favouritism  what so ever.

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The Calculator  will take in General Information  such as  the below, and then calculate the remaining candidate left .Please take note that the Calculator is just for fun , you don’t have to take it seriously , even if you get less candidate you are still the awesome you and you always will be. The more criteria input the less candidate you will get.By using the calculator you agree that the will not be liable to any losses incurr.

  • Age Group
  • Ethnic
  • Religion
  • Education Level
  • Monthly Income

How does the Calculation Work

Is Just Simple Math!

  1. First it will look into the Percentage of Guys  , base on the category selected
  2. For example “Total population of Guy ” x “Percentage of Guys in that Age Group ” x ” Percentage of Guys in that Ethnic Group ” and so on..

Well is it accurate, the figure . what i can say is near to accurate as i gather the data through the official site, but some of the missing data i just made an approximation and assumption.

Others Criteria such as the below are not included , as they are very subjective and sensitive

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Beauty / Handsomeness
  • Behaviour
  • Ineterest
  • etc