Funding Support For your Business

Funding Support For your Business in Singapore and Malaysia

Starting Up a business is a up hill Task , you will need to have knowledge , resources and fund to support .Beside that you need will need a lot of will power perseverance, determination to make things happen.When it comes to funding , sometimes you might come across lots of road block from conventional lender such as Banks and financial institution. That shouldn’t be the reason to stop you from pursuing your dreams. Obstacles should be seen as an opportunities that will make you grow and become wiser . In Eastern Culture , mistakes are frown upon. Where we are taught since in a young age to follow rules, doing things with cautious steps  and try to minimised mistakes and error. But that does not necessarily sounds bad, but it will definitely be bad for the Life of an Entrepreneur .

As an Entrepreneur, your life will be sucks , sorry to be vulgar , but that the reality that you should face it.Efforts pour in doesn’t necessarily bloom in compare to your time and energy contributed.You will bound to be facing a lot of disappointment, Loses, and people will always try to discourage you. They will tell you something like ” You know what ? Your Stupid Idea ain’t going to work ? Give Up before you lost Everything !. You are a lone wolf in the middle of no where, no one is going to help you, a lot of noises will try to beat you down to your knees . Unless you are pretty sure what you are doing , you ain’t going to make it, if you have self doubted yourself.

You have chose a lonesome journey, probably there will be partners following you around . But in the end some might leave and some might stay. Its okay that people leave, the one which matter will stay to support, those who doesn’t matter let them go. You must love what you do , to keep your business thriving , that is the fuel to keep you ahead.

Well, that just my idea sharing, you can disagree hehe.

I have written a few Article  How to find Funding Support For your Business in Singapore and Malaysia, as time goes by i will update the kind of business support in here.Hopefully that benefit you , and will assist you going through Funding Hardship.


Business Funding in Singapore

  • CDG Government Grant Here
  • Business Portal Grant Here
  • PIC Government Grant Here
  • Market Readiness Grant Here
  • SME Portal Here



Business Funding in Malaysia

  • SME Business Funding in Malaysia Here
  • Enterprise Innovation Fund in Malaysia Here
  • Malaysia Business Communities Funding Here



Alternative Funding Resources 

  • Peer to Business Lending in Singapore Here
  • Business Loan Comparison in Singapore Here
  • Peer to Peer Invoice Trading in Singapore  Here
  • Venture Capitalist in Singapore Here
  • Angel Investor in Singapore Here


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