The Author

The Author




Hi  there my name is  Khai Seng


! 👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻 , I come  from a Small town in Ipoh Malaysia,

Now Living in Singapore

Welcome to my Blog ,

This is my Personal Blog which i document my Life encounters , my learning etc etc etc ..

There are just way way way  too much🤯🤯🤯 Info and Knowledge out there, every now and then technology , framework , evolve  ….

To be honest is very difficult to catch up a times and remember every single info, things moves too fast and furious , thus i would documents what ever i learn , i solved in this Blogs

First is to help myself and  help others as well


Main Skill Strength

My Engineering Main strength is in Machine Programming PLC / Low Level Programming, Plant Processing. Scada Development etc.

Over the course of my career i have built and program machines  for Big Company such as P&G / J&J / Sabic /  Sonatrach / Kuwait Oil / Saudi Aramco  etc

Web &  App Development Skill

I  helped non profitable Organisation and religious Group , friends &  family member to develop their in house APP and Website.



For me, Life is a continuous learning process .


learning and learning…..



Skills Set that i Possess

  1. Machine PLC  Programming ( Allen Bradley , GE Fauc, Siemens Step 7, Mitsubishi  , HMI , Modbus, RTU)
  2. Electrical and Mechanical Drafting ( AutoCad)
  3. Programming Language ( C# , Java , Python , PHP ,Visual Basic, Java Script )
  4. Web Development Skill ( HTML, CSS, XML, JSON , NodeJS ,Bootstrap , WordPress)
  5. Data Base ( SQL , MongoDB ,NoSQL)
  6. Illustrator Skill , < This is just my Hobby > ( Adobe Illustrator , Photoshop)
  7. Mobile APP ( IOS, Android)
  8. Building HTML Games
  9. Cloud ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
  10. Certificates

The Purpose of my Blog

  1. Share my knowledge and Experience
  2. Develop Tools and Calculator free to Use
  3. Record my Life Encounter

My Interest

  1. Programming
  2. Investment
  3. Meet  & get to know people who are better than me where i can learn from them
  4. Swimming
  5. Sketching

I build Apps for Charity

  1. If you are non Profitable Organization wish to build a Mobile App or Website . I am glad to help you  . Ping me for a Discussion.
  2. If you have a Great  cause or movement  , and wish to  build a Mobile App or Website . I am glad to help .  Ping me for a Discussion.