Warrants Intrinsic Value Calculator Singapore

Warrants Intrinsic Value Calculator Singapore

Calculate Warrants Intrinsic Value

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Warrants Intrinsic Value Calculator Singapore! This Calculator will help you calculate the intrinsic value of warrants. The User might need to input the Warrant Current price, Conversion rate, exercise price and the existing mother Share price.

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Some Basic explanation on Warrants.

Warrants -> Are Securities or Derivative Contract which  are issued by  A company  that  provide  Investor the Right to purchase the Company’s Common Stock directly  at a fixed contractual  price or rate under a specified time frame before Maturity

Warrants Variable

Exercise Price – The  guaranteed Price conversion rate, where the Investor has the right to convert or exercise  the Warrant into a Company’s Common Stock.

Maturity Date -The Specific limited time frame where the Warrant can be converted to a Company’s Common Stock.

Conversion Ratio – How Many Warrants are needed to convert it into a Company’s  common Stock .


For Further information about warrant check out here

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For Example 

Stock Counter : ABC

1 Lot of Share Current Price  : $10.00

Stock ABC Warrant Price : $3.00

Conversion Ratio : 2 Warrant to 1 Common stock

Exercise Price : $1.00

Warrant Intrinsic Value : ???

Step 1

Calculate Warrant Exercise Cost


Warrant Exercise Cost = [( Warrants Conversion Ratio ) x  ( Warrants Exercise Price)  ] +  [( Warrants Conversion Ratio ) x  ( Warrants Current Price)  ]

= [ (2) x  ($1.00)] + [ (2) x ($3.00) ]

= [$2.00] +  [$6.00]

= $8.00

Step 2

Calculate Warrant intrinsic Value

Warrant Intrinsic Value = [Current Mother Share Price] – [Warrant Exercise Cost]

= $ 10.00 – $8.00


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