Web Maintenance

Web maintenance is important , every business which owns a web should put this in their To do list.

 Web Maintenance

Your Business site should be up to date showcasing your latest service , products  and offers.Content should be fresh . This reflect the credibility and commitment to your business and this will impact your rankings in Google.

Stale and not  updated content  pose a bad impression to your customer and will cause your customer to lose confident on the services and products offer by your company.

Several Ways to maintain your Business Site .

  • Do it yourself
  • Outsource ( High risk , as your content might be stolen or site will be hacked)
  • Engage a local agency


Things that your might consider before engaging our web maintenance services?

  • Did you frequently update your  site content
  • Are you able to Cater time to update the Site yourself
  • Is your site up to date to the latest Version ?

If  , all the Criteria listed above ,shows that you are unable to do it.Well you can engage our services  at Creatifwerks. We have Packages that will suit your business site maintenance needs.


What is included in our web maintenance services?

  • We will upload new Article, Video and Images provided by your side.
  • We will upload new blogs, data entries provided by your side.
  • Removing 404 Pages
  • Upload your new Products and offers

What is not included in our web maintenance services?

  • Design and structure changes
  • Adding new functions or features
  • Image or graphic Revision
  • Edit Media video and photo
  • Edit Articles