Men's Clothing Size Singapore

Men’s Clothing Size Singapore

Men’s Clothing Size Singapore

How Men’s Sizes work

Men ‘s Clothing  Size Varies  base on the Country of  Manufacture  , and Standard  ( US , UK, EU , German ,etc) adhere .

The Tool below will help you convert Men’s Clothing Size  Singapore

Men’s Wear Conversion

Men’s Measurement

Men’s Clothe Measurements are base on

(1) Waist

(2) Chest

(3) Hips

(4) Height


How to Measure Waist of Men?

  • Stand straight. Ensure  your outer garments are removed
  • Locate the middle part of the rib cage and the top of the hip bone.
  • Place the tape measure  in the middle point and then wrap it around the natural waist with one end overlapping the other.
  • Breathe normal & and  record the measurements

How to Measure Chest Size of Men?

  • Stand straight
  • wrap the tape measure around your chest area.
  • Make sure the tape measure  , allocate some room
  • Measure horizontally around the body


How to Measure Men Hip?

  • Measure horizontally wrapping the Tape around the buttocks.

How to Measure Men Height?

  • Measure without  any Shoes, From toe up to your fore head