Mortgage Servicing Ratio Calculator Singapore

Mortgage Servicing Ratio Calculator Singapore

Mortgage Servicing Ratio  (MSR )Calculator Singapore

Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR) Calculator

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What is the Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR)?

A Guideline which regulate , where 30% of the Borrower  assessed income can be used to service Mortgage.

Who is subject to the Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR)?

HDB and EC Buyer are subjected to MSR

Applicable  HDB loans or bank loans?

All Applicable as long as Property Type purchase is HDB or EC.

MSR Exemption ?

MSR does not apply to  refinancing of HDB flats and ECs  loans where the Person is an owner-occupied of the Property

that have purchased the Unit  before 12 January 2013 for  (HDB flats) and 10 December 2013 for (ECs).


How MSR is Being Computed ?

MSR equal to 30% of the Buyers Assessed income .The Buyer are only allow to use this 30% to service a mortgage Loan ( HDB/ EC).


Example Calculation

James an Electrical Engineer earn S$4000 fixed Salary from his Employment a Month

MSR = S$4000 X (30 /100)

MSR = S$1200

James Available fund to service a Mortgage Loan Every month is capped at S$1200


Bank Loan

  • A stress Interest Rate between 3 to 4 % is Apply
  • If you are Freelance and Self Employed , 30% Cut of your Assessed income
  • Financial asset need to be pledged to bank at least 48 months
  • Maximum Loan Tenor 30 Years Subject to LTV regulations


HDB Loan

  • Maximum Loan Tenor capped at 25 Years
  • Loan Interest Calculate base on HDB Loan Concessionary Interest Rate
  • Loan Ceiling capped at 90%





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