Overtime Pay Calculator Singapore

Overtime Pay Calculator Singapore

Overtime Work Payment

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Overtime Pay Calculator Singapore, Check out the Overtime Pay Calculator to calculate the total amount of overtime Pay you get by inputting your basic salary and the Total hour of Overtime.


The Formulae

The Formula to calculate the overtime pay is as below

12 x Monthly Basic Rate of Pay / (52 x 44)


Overtime is considered  as additional work time after Normal working Hour

An employee are eligible to claim  overtime if they  fulfill the Condition below :

  • A non-workman Max Salary up  to S$2,600.
  • A workman Max Salary up  to S$4,500.

Hourly  Overtime rate  for non-workmen is capped at S$13.60


Others Rules

  •  Employer must pay his Employee  at least 1.5 times the hourly basic rate of pay.
  • Over Time Payment must be paid  at least 14 Days after the Last Drawn Salary.
  • An Employee , are only allowed to work a maximum of 72 Hours per Month.
  • If your Employer require you to work more than 12 Hour a day , your Employer must applied Over Time Exemption  on your behalf.

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