Should You Change your Job Calculator

Should You Change your Job Calculator

Should You Change your Job Calculator. This Calculator was built by me based on psychology analytics i gather from  statistics , internet and  books.

In this  calculator the user will need to answer 30 questions honestly , and then the program will take in the input from the user and calculate whether he or she should stay with their current job or leave for another.

The User is compulsory to answer all question.

Please Note : This ” Should you change your job calculator” should only serve as a reference, by using the calculator the user agree that and its creator will not be liable for any losses incur  by the user due to using this calculator below. 

What do you expect to gain from your currrent job ?

Are Your Company paying you according to Market Rate ?

Are You Satisfied with your Pay ,Bonuses and Increment at your Current Company?

Do your current company provide you any training that will benefit your career growth in future?

Are there any growth oppurtunity to climb up the corporate ladder at your current company ?

Do you have Good Relationship with your Supervisor or Superior ?

Do your Supervisor provide you any growth oppurtunity within the company ?

Are your Supervisor supportive and easy to work with ?

Do you feel that your hardwork is being recognised or appreciated by your Supervisor ?

Is your Company doing well now?

What is the prospect of your company in the next 5 to 10 years?

Is your Company the market leader in her field ?

Do your company improve, continuosly looking for oppurtunities, innovate or channel fund into Research and development?

Do you get along well with your colleagues?

Are you able to manage politic in your office?

Is your working enviroment with your colleague , joyful or toxic?

Do you have time for leaisure and Sports?

Is your social life shrinking because of your job?

Do your work load affect your relationship with your family member and love one?

Do you spent more time working at office than at home?

Are you Looking Forward to go to work everyday?

Do you go extra mile to complete your job or just do good enough ?

Are you tired of learning new things related to your work ?

Do you resist internally to take on new responsibility in your job ?

Do you feel tired everyday to go to work or burnout everyday ?

Do you have any health issues and do your job aggravate your health condition ?

Do your working enviroment cause potential injuries and damage to your health physically or mentally ?

Do your company provide sufficient Insurance Coverage and medical benefits to you ?

Do you have enough funds to support yourself or your family for at least 3 months just in case if your new job does not work out?

Did you currently secure any new Job Offer or Income Earning Oppurtunities?

Is your new Job remuneration better or worst than your current package?

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