CFD Commodities Calculator

CFD Commodities Calculator

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CFD Calculator (Commodities)

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This CFD Calculator will help you Estimate & Calculate  CFD Commodities Profit and Loss.

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What is CFD Commodities Trading

CFD full definition  is Contract of Difference

CFD Commodities Is a Contract between the broker and her clients  , to exchange value  difference on Commodities  fluctuation  tie  to the  contract opens and closes trading  Intervals.

During the Process , the Clients nor the Broker  does not hold or own any Underlying Commodities Assets

Why CFD Commodities Trading & Advantages

  1.  You would like to bet against (Short)  or  ride (Long ) with the  Commodities Trend.
  2. Higher Leverage. Higher Profit .
  3. CFD Commodities Provide you global Access to Various  Commodities  Market.
  4. CFD Commodities  does not has any Day Trading Cap Entry Requirements , you  can enter any  position by just providing Sufficient  Margin   to your Account.



  1. High Risks , Higher Losses

What you need to Consider  when  trading CFD Commodities

  1. Do your Technical  Indices Research
  2. Read Financial News
  3. Be Sure you have sufficient Margin to cover your position when things go against your Odds.

What  are the Cost involves in  CFD Commodities Trading

(A) Buy / Sell Spread . 

What is Buy spread ?

For Example  : Current gold Price is at  USD$ 1892.50

You would wanna  enter a Position .

CFD Broker  will charge you a Buy  Spread  eg: USD$0.34  for you to buy into the Position

Your Enter Position =  Current Open market Value  + Broker Buy Spread= $1892.50 + $0.34= $1892.84

What is Sell spread ?

For Example : Current gold Price is at  USD$ 1892.50

You would wanna  close your Position .

CFD Broker  will charge you a Sell  Spread  eg: USD$0.34  for you  to exit Position

Your Close Position =  Current Open market Value   –  Broker  Sell Spread= $1892.50 – $0.34= $1892.16


(B) Borrowing and Funding Fee

Funding can be divided into Intraday funding or Overnight funding


(tom-next rate + 0.5% pa admin fee) x deal size

Overnight Funding

(P3 – P2) ÷ (T2 – T1)

T1 = expiry date of the previous front future
T2 = expiry date of the front future
P2 = price of front future
P3 = price of next future

Basis =(P3 – P2) ÷ (T2 – T1)
Brokerage charge = P3 x Brokerage Commission % ÷ 365

Adjustment = Value Per Point x (Basis – Brokerage charge)


(C) Currency Exchange Admin Fees

CFD Broker will  charge Currency Exchanges Admin Fee

(D) Margin 

Total Margin = Number Of Contracts x Value Per Point x Commodities Prices x Margin


CFD Commodities Calculator

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