CFD FOREX Calculator

CFD FOREX Calculator

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CFD FOREX Profit and Loss Calculator

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This CFD Calculator will help you Estimate & Calculate  CFD Forex Profit and Loss.

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What is CFD Forex Trading

CFD full definition  is Contract of Difference

CFD Forex Is a Contract between the broker and her clients  , to exchange value  difference Forex Currency  fluctuation  tie  to the  contract opens and closes trading  Intervals.

During the Process , the Clients nor the Broker  does not hold or own any Underlying  Currencies

Why CFD Forex Trading & Advantages

  1.  You would like to bet against (Short)  or  ride (Long ) with the  Currency Pair Trend.
  2. Higher Leverage. Higher Profit .
  3. CFD Forex Provide you global Access to Various  Currencies Pair
  4. CFD Forex  does not has any Day Trading Cap Entry Requirements , you  can enter any  position by just providing Sufficient  Margin   to your Account.



  1. High Risks , Higher Losses

What you need to Consider  when  trading CFD Forex

  1. Do your Technical  Indices Research
  2. Read Financial News
  3. Be Sure you have sufficient Margin to cover your position when things go against your Odds.