Progressive Payment Calculator Singapore

Progressive Payment Calculator Singapore

Updated  16 December 2021 on new Cooling Measure

Progressive Payment Calculator Singapore ( For New Launch Condo)

This Calculator will  take into consideration  Applicant TDSR Limit  /  individual Buyer LTV Loan Limit  / Joint Buyer Income Weight Age Average  to size up the maximum Loan Amount and tenor Period which individual Applicant or Joint Applicant  are being categorized


Progressive Payment Calculator


OTP Details
Purchase Cost Breakdown
BSD & ABSD Breakdown

Initial Cash To Prepare
Funds Breakdown
Payment Timeline
  • 5%

  • BSD

  • ABSD

  • 15%
    Down Payment

  • 10%

  • 10%
    Concrete Framework

  • 5%

  • 5%

  • 5%
    Doors & Windows

  • 5%
    Car Park

  • 25%
    Temporary Occupation Permit

  • 15%
    Certificate of Statutory Completion



This Progressive Payment Calculator  Singapore will help you calculate New Launch private Condo progressive payment .The Calculator take into account  Buyer Stamp Duty (BSD ) , Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) in its Calculation.


What is Progressive Payment ?

Progressive Payment  apply to Private Residential which are still under construction. The Buyer will pay the installment base on the Building Construction  Progress.

For New Launch Condo , buyer are required  to pay Up front 5%  of the Property Price in cash  for OTP ( Option to Purchase ) ,

and  15%  down payment  in Cash  or CPF to exercise OTP.

After that  buyer  will be able to participate Progressive Payment  Installment base on Building Construction reaches a particular milestone . Refer URA website for further details


Progressive Payment Timeline ?

Private Property Developer normally follow Progressive Payment rules set by  Government Agencies,

Stage One : ( Before Commence of Monthly Loan Repayment )

(1) Buyer are Required to pay a booking Fee of 5%

(2) After Buyer Paid and clear booking Fee, developer are required to sent Sale sand Purchase Agreement within 14 Days

(3) Buyer are given 3 Weeks to decide whether to exercise OTP by signing Sales and purchase Agreement

(4) Buyer Signed the Contract and are required to pay 15% within 8 weeks of the option date

(5) At this Stage the Buyer  already pay 20%

(6) Buyer will need to secure a ban k loan between 75% to 80%

Stage Two  : ( Monthly Loan Repayment )

The Repayment Funds are disbursed from your bank loan . Payment will gradually increase base on Construction Progress

You can use the  Progressive Payment Calculator Singapore to calculate

Construction Stage Percentage% of  Property Price Disbursed
Foundation work 10%
Reinforced concrete work 10%
Walls 5%
Ceiling 5%
Doors and windows 5%
Car Parks 5%
Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) 25%
 Statutory Completion 15%

During every Single stages , developer will send buyer notification on the construction progress.

new launch Progressive Payment Calculator Singapore
new launch Progressive Payment Calculator Singapore

How to calculate Progressive Payment

For Example a Married Singaporean Couple

Profile as below:

Citizenship : Singaporean

Property Ownership :  1st Property

Property Price : 1 million

loan Tenor : 30 Years

loan Interest: 1.8%

Expense Description Amount
Booking Fee 5% S$50,000
Down Payment  15% S$ 150,000
Basic Stamp Duty S$24600
Additional Buyer Stamp Duty S$0
Legal Fee S$3500
Mortgage Document S$500
Admin Fee S$500
Foundation  10% S$100000
Reinforce Concrete 10% S$100000
Walls 5% S$50000
Ceiling 5% S$50000
Doors and Windows 5% S$50000
Car Parks 5% S$50000
Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) 25% S$250,000
 Statutory Completion  15% S$150,000